Why The Giving Tree

The Root of the Problem

We live in a world with massive need all around us.  Most of us have experienced significant struggles at some point in our lives, and know of others who have struggled, or continue to struggle, with a shortfall in funds or other resources to meet life’s demands.  Sometimes our needs are self-imposed.  Occasionally our needs are minor, but still overwhelming.  Many times, we find ourselves and others in dire, unexpected circumstances with no easy way out.

While we often reach out to help others in their time of need,  and while we can always find others with larger challenges than our own, we still feel the reality of our own struggles.

Many have turned to online resources such as GoFundMe to help meet needs that the family, church and government won’t cover, but as much as we want to help, the number of these funding campaigns can feel overwhelming, embarrassing, or even irritating when we are unable to support them all.

Others suffer in silence with few people, or no one at all, aware of the challenges and stresses that trouble them .

The Giving Tree Solution

The Giving Tree brings people together in a unique and powerful way that allows each of us to set a “giving budget” and support the needs of many while receiving help for our own needs as well.  In this way, we don’t have to back every individual request for assistance that comes along.  At the same time, we can get the help we need, or may need some day, and directly support specific causes that we are personally passionate about.

Each member of the Giving Tree must come to the table with three things; 1) a cause 2) a budget and 3) a desire to help the tree grow. 

Your Cause

Pick a cause, or create one of your own!  Your cause can be anything from one of the needs already listed on the website, a current personal need, the need of someone you know, a larger humanitarian need you are passionate about, the financial need of a business start-up or economic project, or even a rainy-day fund for the inevitable needs that may arise in life.  There is no rule against simply putting your support behind a current cause to speed up the funding for that need.

Your Budget

Your giving budget depends on your personal ability to help others.  You can adjust your budget as your personal situation changes.  Obviously, the more we all give, the bigger difference we can make for all the causes that members represent.  The majority of your contributions will go directly to the cause(s) you choose.  The remainder will spread through The Giving Tree to help the many.

Your Desire to Help the Tree Grow

Even bigger than the amount of money we each contribute is the difference we make by inviting others to participate.  Many hands make light work, and while we are all working to fund our own personal causes, we are also spreading the work of funding many others.  Our personal ability to make a difference is compounded by growth of the membership.  Please keep in mind that your cause will be funded in direct proportion to the amount of work you put into growing the tree, and results are only guaranteed by your personal effort to help the tree grow.