Giving Tree Steps to Success

Grow your own Giving Tree and increase your ability to make a difference in the world.

Steps to Success

*** Before you get started, write down what you would do for yourself, your family and your community if you were given a blank check and an unlimited budget to make the world a better place. This is an important exercise to identify your personal passions and pains, and to develop a vision and purpose for what you can accomplish over time with The Giving Tree.

STEP ONE - Set Your Giving Budget
Set a Giving Tree BudgetDetermine how much can you personally dedicate now to supporting other projects and causes?

STEP TWO - Go Give!
Be a Giving Tree GoGiverSelect one or more current causes at The Giving Tree website, and set up monthly recurring contributions according to your giving budget.

STEP THREE - Get Connected
When you make your first contribution, you will receive an email inviting you to Get Connected to the Giving Tree Community join the Giving Tree Referral Program. Click the link and sign up.  You will be automatically connected to the tree of whomever invited you to get involved. Connect with our private Facebook Group HERE

STEP FOUR - Grow Your Tree
Giving Tree Steps to Success Invite others to learn about the power of The Giving Tree and follow these Steps to Success. Send them your referral link to the website to get them connected to you.

STEP FIVE - Nourish Your Tree
Nourish your Giving Tree to help it growParticipate in The Giving Tree Community Facebook group.  Communicate regularly with the people you have connected to you. Adjust your giving budget according to your current ability and circumstances.

As your personal Giving Tree grows, you can decide how to use your funds. They can be applied to your own personal projects and needs or contributed to those of others.

Welcome to the Giving Tree Community of Givers!

OPTIONAL - Create Your Own Cause
Once you have completed the Steps to Success, we can help you start your own Giving Tree crowdfunding campaign.